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Your health is your most important asset, and at Joanfit we are dedicated to helping you acheive your goals. Whether its toning up, losing inches or just getting stronger. We combine old-school training with a highly-informed and progressive approach to movement and injury-prevention. We work with people at all levels — from complete beginners to professional athletes.

Best of all, there are no gym or membership fees!

Personal Training

Feel Younger!

One on One personal training

as well as group training is available. There is no need to join a gym so you can get fit and do it comfortably.


Look Better!

Custom Eating Programs are Tailored

to your activity levels and your body type to ensure you meet your goals.


Be Stronger!

We will put you on the right track

so you are able to meet your goals and maintain them throughout your life.


JoanFit has been helping clients reach their goals since 2008. If it's losing unwanted pounds to just adding some quaility muscle or toning up, we can help. All too often people think that dieting is the way to go. Dieting is only a temporary measure for short term weight loss. We can teach you to eat right, the correct amounts and show you how to keep the pounds off and look better for years to come.


Whether you are a Beginner wishing to shed those few pounds for summer, or a hard core Athlete needing that extra push. We can help you reach your Fitness Goals. As a Fitness Athlete, Figure Competitor,National Level Bodybuilder, Aerobics Instructor, former Gymnast and Dancer, I also have the knowledge about key elements that can help you achieve your goals quickly, safely and Naturally.


We're available to work around YOUR schedule in your home, at your work or at the gym. I have the drive and energy, to help you keep motivated and focused on your goals.

I am currently training Duathletes, Body Builders, Runners, Figure Competitors and many Individuals interested in toning and feeling better about themselves, one step at a time.



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Our Values
Our goal is to help you acheive your goals, long term and short term. We don't only help you to get in shape, we teach you how to maintain the shape you want and deserve. We want you to not only be able to brag about your sucess but also brag about us and how we helped you get there.

We utilize many different types of training and never repeat the same routines. It's important to keep challenging your body in order to keep moving forward. This is why we implement many different tecniques and styles of training, such as resistance, bodyweight, plyometrics, etc..


By constantly changing routines and techniques your body never has the chance to adapt and become efficient at a specific movement. In doing this, your body is always being challenged and the muscles correctly stimulated to make the gains you want.

Award Winning

We have helped many clients compete at regional and provincial levels for bodybuilding, figure, as well as bikini and have had a number of amazing placings. This knowledge can only be gained by experiencing it for yourself.



Joan Kenney has competed in both figure and bodybuilding and has placed first overall at the provincial level, and first at a national level. This experience has allowed her to gain the knowledge and experience to help others who wish to compete, an opportunitiy at high placings in competition as well.

Our Commitment
We are commited to helping you reach your goals. If you're not happy, then we're not happy. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you acheive all of your goals while working with us, and even after you have decided to go out on your own. We are always available for any questions or concerns you may have and will strive to be a dynamic support system for you as you strive to reach your goals.