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Diets & Nutrition

A proper whole foods diet is the key to being strong and healty.

Your health is your most important asset, and at Joanfit we are dedicated to helping you acheive your goals. Whether its toning up, losing inches or just getting stronger. We combine old-school training with a highly-informed and progressive approach to movement and injury-prevention. We work with people at all levels — from complete beginners to professional athletes.

Best of all, there are no gym or membership fees!

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Diet & Nutrition


When it comes to dieting, you'll soon realize that diets do NOT work. Diets are temporary short term fixes that almost always leave you disappointed and with more weight in the end than you started with.


Most diets involve a significant change in a person's normal eating habits over an extended period of time. But old habits die hard; we cling to them because they fit in with our lifestyle, and the people around us. Dieting is also hard because it relies on our willpower to keep us on the right track.

Willpower is often very strong at the start of a diet when we are desperate to change, but very quickly it can fluctate, so you end up in an off and on diet because of the triggers of day-to-day life.


Dieters rarely think of rehearsing how they will manage in difficult situations such as going out to dinner with friends; they just hope their willpower will hold up and punish themselves if it doesn't. Willpower is hard to maintain for extended periods of time, especially if our dietary rules are too strict.


We can teach you what to eat, what not to and when. There are plenty of enjoyable foods that just need to be eaten at the right times in order to maintain or lose your weight. We take a clean eating approach, garbage in, garbage out. Processed foods are extremely unhealthy in most cases. We believe in whole foods, portion control, timing and excersise. We can build you customized diets that suit your body and your lifestyle to make it easy for you to follow and maintain.


Here is a basic list of some quality whole foods:


Vegetables Grains Fruits Meats Dairy
Asperagus Spelt Apples Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Cottage Cheese
Spinach Millet Blueberries Lean Steak Sour Cream
Romaine Lettuce Oats Bananas White Fish (Tilapia, Cod, Tuna) Low Fat Yogurts
Leeks Barley Goji Berries Salmon Butter
Onion Amaranth Dates Lean Turkey Breast  
Kale Flaxseed Prunes    
Chard/Beet Greens Quinoa Raisins    
Broccoli Rye Cantelope    
Brussel Sprouts Wheat Cranberries    
Bean Sprouts Brown Rice Oranges    
Cabbage Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Macadamia Nut, etc..) Strawberries    
Chick Peas   Papaya/Kiwi    
Sweet Potatoes        


You should limit certain types of foods, generally eat fruits in the mornings, and limit your dairy. Sugar is the main thing to avoid when losing weight. Even zero sugar products that contain sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, saccharin etc.. All these artificial sugars are extremely unhealthy and trick your body into thinking it has consumed sugar. For a completely natural and healthy substitute, try STEVIA which can be purchased at your local whole foods or nutrition store.


For a personal diet of your own or more information on eating healthy, please contact us.