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What Our Clients Have To Say.

Your health is your most important asset, and at Joanfit we are dedicated to helping you acheive your goals. Whether its toning up, losing inches or just getting stronger. We combine old-school training with a highly-informed and progressive approach to movement and injury-prevention. We work with people at all levels — from complete beginners to professional athletes.

Best of all, there are no gym or membership fees!

Personal Training

Feel Younger!

One on One personal training

as well as group training is available. There is no need to join a gym so you can get fit and do it comfortably.


Look Better!

Custom Eating Programs are Tailored

to your activity levels and your body type to ensure you meet your goals.


Be Stronger!

We will put you on the right track

so you are able to meet your goals and maintain them throughout your life.


If you're serious about reaching your goals and meeting the new you,
please take the time to read some of the client testimonials.


Testimonial One

After many years of weight training I became bored and needed something new and exciting. My motivation was at an all time low and the pounds were starting to sneak on. I knew the run of the mill trainers seen around my gym were never going to challenge or inspire me the way I needed or wanted.

I came across Joan's website and decided to drive from Kitchener, where i I live, to Brantford to meet her and see if she might be what I was looking for. It was probably one of the smartest things I could have done! I began driving to train with her twice a week and it was worth the travel. I learned more in a couples of months than I probably had since I began training. Her work outs were always challenging and kept my body guessing.

Joan is such a fun and enthusiastic trainer that it's easy to be motivated with her. I loved her hands on approach and she would often even do the workouts with me so I would push past boundaries. I would highly recommend Joanfit to anyone looking for a truly knowledgeable personal trainer and I can't wait to work with her again in the future.

-Pam Roth

Testimonial Two

I first met with Joan in July 2013.  I desperately wanted to lose weight and become more fit, but had not had success trying on my own or with other trainers.  Immediately, I knew that I had made the right choice.  Joan listened carefully and then put a plan in place to ensure that I would reach my goal.  My weight loss was immediate.  Her instructions

were VERY specific.  Her experience allowed her to adjust and change my plans as needed.  Her training changed and intensified with my increased fitness.  She always

pushed me to my limit.  


Training with Joan has been a life changing experience.


-Naomi Morrison

Testimonial Three

A couple of years ago I decided that I woanted to be a healthier more fit and improve my overall quality of life. That decision was the need for a trainer. I found Joan through online searching and I am so glad I did.

Joan has been a huge help to me by encouraging, inspiring, and teaching. Joan always pushes me, even when I say I cant, she knows I can. She always says "I knew you could" and that is a huge confidence booster. She never lets me do an exercise unless I have correct form which is extremely important for safety. Because of Joan I feel much more confident when useing gym equipment and choosing the right foods each day.

I would recommend Joan to anyone and I have recommened her to many people.


-Diana Gammon

Testimonial Four

When I decided to take my fitness goals to the next level I decided to learn from a personal trainer that had the results that I was looking for. I went online and Google’d personal trainers, and reviewed the personal trainers that were identified.  When I opened the link to JoanFit, I knew by Joan’s visible results and championship status that she was the instructor/mentor that I needed to achieve my fitness goals.  Needless to say, I am a client of JoanFit. My Instructor is Joan.


Joan’s knowledge level, desire to learn, desire to grow professionally, and her true understanding of the physical mechanics of the human body is demonstrated in her ability to train and motivate clients of varying levels. She has been able to help me fully understand how to work out properly so that I obtain the goals that I am working hard for. She willingly shares her expertise with you to make the sessions fun, challenging, and a learning experience. She is easy to relate to and has a good sense of humour which helps to motivate me.


I know all the personal fitness trainers are not created equal.   Joan is exceptional and is well qualified and understands the importance of continuing her professional education. Joan is a competitor herself. She definitely has results, and when I went looking for a trainer I wanted someone with results. Anyone can talk the talk, but I wanted someone who walked the walk, and manifested the talk.  Joan was my first choice.


Joan is on top of her game. She goes out of her way to customize a workout routine to meet your fitness goals, and to motivate you to do your best in a positive way (not in the scary drill sergeant way). I also have been impressed by her vast knowledge of how the different muscle groups in the body interrelate. I find that totally awesome and vitally important for hitting my training goals. 


As a final shout-out to Joan, I definitely appreciate her extra effort in making sure I stay on track outside of our sessions. She’s briefed me on changing my eating habits to further help me along with my fitness goals and has given me a workout routine to do as “homework” between sessions. That’s awesome, I love it.


If you’re looking for a trainer that focuses on your results, knows their stuff and has the results you are looking for (competition winner), I highly recommend Joan. She is the REAL DEAL, and she will strategically help you master the fitness goal that you are determined to achieve.


S.J. Dery,

Director/Owner, Market Place Solutions Inc.