stay young and beautiful


Behind every sucessful person, is the butt they got moving to get them there!

Your health is your most important asset, and at Joanfit we are dedicated to helping you acheive your goals. Whether its toning up, losing inches or just getting stronger. We combine old-school training with a highly-informed and progressive approach to movement and injury-prevention. We work with people at all levels — from complete beginners to professional athletes.

Best of all, there are no gym or membership fees!

Personal Training

Feel Younger!

One on One personal training

as well as group training is available. There is no need to join a gym so you can get fit and do it comfortably.


Look Better!

Custom Eating Programs are Tailored

to your activity levels and your body type to ensure you meet your goals.


Be Stronger!

We will put you on the right track

so you are able to meet your goals and maintain them throughout your life.


Keep  challenging yourself.

Our Training philosophy is simple.. Nothing ever stays the same, every workout wil be different. You may train for months without ever repeating the same workout. Movements and excersies are sometimes similar, but your workouts will be designed to challenge you, to keep you from ever adapting to any specific movement or rhythm.


This is what makes the P90X so effective is that things are always changing, just as your body is. Your body can adapt to a specific exersise very quickly, and when it does, you no longer are reaping the benefits. This is when things need to be changed. By constantly changing routines and excersises, your body simply never has the opportunity to get used to any specific movement and therefore you will never plateau.

Correct Form is Most Important

When it comes to excersise, proper form is extremely important for two main reasons. Reason one, you are less likely to ever be injured as your form is what protects you from injury in most cases. Reason number two, is because by having proper form, you do not use momentum to complete the excersises. By using momentum on the wrong exercises you end up robbing yourself of real results.

Strength Training
We implement many different techniques to improve your strength and conditioning. From free weights to body bars, kettle bells, and bodyweight resistance training, we can put you on the path to success. We also do many different sports specific training.
Core, Abs and Glutes Training
We specialize in toning up your core and glutes. We can help you get that six pack and the bottom you have always wanted.